10 Best Ping Pong Paddles For Beginners (2020 Update)

10 Best Ping Pong Paddles for Beginners in 2024

Last Updated on July 7, 2024

The rhythmic sound of a ping pong ball bouncing back and forth can be entrancing. But having the perfect equipment in hand takes the game to another level. Delving into the world of table tennis, one quickly realizes that not all gear is created equal. And when it comes to enhancing your gameplay, the best ping pong paddles stand out as the unsung heroes. Today, we’re diving deep into what makes a paddle the best in its class and how you can find your perfect match.

10 Best Ping Pong Paddles for Beginners in 2023

1. Eastfield Allround Professional Table Tennis Racket
2. Killerspin JET100 Table Tennis Paddle
3. Palio Expert 2 Table Tennis Racket
4. Stiga Apex Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket
5. AirBlades – Professional Ping Pong Paddle
6. Custom Gambler Professional Table Tennis Paddle
7. Palio Expert 3.0 Table Tennis Racket
9. Joy.J Sports 9-Plywood Table Tennis Paddle
10. Thunderline 6 Star Premium Ping Pong Paddle

Eastfield Allround Eastfield Allround

Speed – 60

Spin – 80

Control – 100

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Killerspin JET100 Killerspin JET100

Speed – 55

Spin – 60

Control – 90

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Palio Expert 2.0 Palio Expert 2.0

Speed – 60

Spin – 90

Control – 100

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Speed – 92

Spin – 92

Control – 88

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Gambler Custom Professional Gambler Custom Professional

Speed – 92

Spin – 92

Control – 88

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1. Eastfield Allround Professional Table Tennis Racket

best ping pong paddle for beginners
best ping pong paddle for beginners

Table tennis, often referred to as Ping Pong, is a game that combines precision, speed, and strategy. The right equipment can make all the difference for table tennis enthusiasts, especially absolute beginners and those looking to refine their basic table tennis skills. Introducing the Eastfield Allround Professional Table Tennis Racket – a blend of quality, performance, and affordability, presenting itself as a decent ping pong paddle choice.

Quick Specs:

  • Size: PS-10
  • Brand: Eastfield
  • Sport: Table Tennis
  • Skill Level: Tailored for Beginners
  • Frame Material: High-Quality Material – Premium Wood
  • Item Weight: A lightweight design at 190 grams
  • Age Range: Designed for advanced adult players and intermediate-level players.

Why it stands out:

Beginner’s Best Bet

Crafted specifically for novices, this pong paddle is the ideal custom solution for those looking to enter the world of table tennis. It’s a fantastic option for ambitious club players.

Spin & Stability

Fitted with Eastfield A-Soft 2.1mm rubber surface, it not only gives the player a heavy spin advantage with a commendable spin rating but also ensures stability during play, making it apt for both offensive and defensive game strategies.

Control & Feeling

Thanks to the Eastfield Allwood 5-ply wood blade, players can expect an unmatched level of maximum control and tactile feedback, crucial for improving gameplay. This table tennis blade offers excellent control ability and the feeling of control required by both attacking players and those with a defensive style.

Value for Money

A high-quality option at a reasonable price. The cherry on top? Save a cool $20 when you opt for the Eastfield Allround racket, compared to purchasing the blade and rubbers separately. It’s within an affordable price range without being a cheaper racket.

Performance Metrics

For those into numbers – Speed has moderate speed ratings at 6/10, Spin is impressive with levels of speed at 8/10, and Control? A perfect 10/10, ensuring accurate control for both power shots and spinny serves.

2. Killerspin JET100 Table Tennis Paddle

best ping pong paddle
best ping pong paddle

When diving into the dynamic world of table tennis, the paddle you choose can make all the difference. Let’s explore the distinctive features of the Killerspin JET100, tailored especially for budding enthusiasts.

Brand Essence

Steeped in quality, the paddle comes from the renowned house of Killerspin. Known for crafting superior table tennis gear, Killerspin ensures every hit counts.

Sport Compatibility

While its name might hint at table tennis bats, it’s also apt for larger tennis courts, though the primary design caters to the Ping-Pong game. It’s a versatile gem.

Material & Frame

Made with top-notch rubber, the JET100 ensures every shot is impactful. The frame, too, is rubber-built, adding to its durability and grip.

Weight Matters

With a lightweight design of just 160 grams, this paddle promises swift movements without straining your wrist. It ensures extended playtime without fatigue, ideal for both absolute beginners and intermediate users.

Age Appropriateness

It’s designed with the youth in mind, making it perfect for the younger brigade eager to make their mark in the sport, or even international players at a young age.

Distinctive Features

  • This paddle stands out for players who prioritize control and precision. Its evenly distributed weight balance accentuates feel and grants players impressive command over their shots.
  • The stylish green and black combination of its 1.5mm performance rubber looks chic and adds a unique touch to every shot.
  • Regarding performance, it boasts of performance ratings that speak volumes: Speed at 5.5, Spin at 6.0, and Control at a whopping 9.0, ensuring safe table tennis game sessions.


Peace of mind comes standard with the Killerspin JET100, backed by a 30-day warranty, reinforcing its position as a solid product in the market.

3. Palio Expert 2 Table Tennis Racket

best ping pong paddle
ping pong paddle

Ping-pong aficionados, brace yourselves! The Palio Expert 2 Table Tennis Bat is not just any ordinary paddle. Here’s a succinct breakdown of what makes it truly remarkable:

Size and Design

Universally fitting, this regulation-size bat is designed for adults, delivering an intermediate-level gameplay experience.

Brand Legacy

This isn’t just a paddle; it’s a creation by Expert Table Tennis – a name synonymous with quality and expertise in table tennis.

Built for Table Tennis

The sport of choice for this beauty? Without a doubt, table tennis.


Made predominantly of wood, the table tennis blade and shaft material testify to its high-quality material build.


Weighing a mere 0.44 pounds, it ensures agility in every ball contact.


What makes the Palio Expert 2 even more special is its inception. Born out of an exclusive collaboration with the famed Palio brand, this bat is the evolved, second-generation version of its well-loved predecessor.

Rubber Excellence

Players can anticipate remarkable spin with ITTF-approved rubbers, specifically the Palio CJ8000. These rubbers are also replaceable and competition-legal.

Comfort & Control

A redesigned all-wood blade paired with a flared handle enhances aesthetics and enriches comfort, ball control, and feeling.

Skill Level

New to the game? This paddle for beginners is recommended for absolute beginners, focusing on refining strokes and technique. It’s a top pick globally.

Performance Metrics

For those looking at numbers, here’s the scoop: Speed is at 6/10, Spin rating is peaking at 9/10, and Control is acing it at 10/10.

Ready to Play

Forget the hassle of assembly. The Palio Expert 2 comes premade and mirrors the standard of more pricey custom bats.

4. Stiga Apex Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket

best ping pong paddle
best ping pong

When diving into the world of table tennis, it’s crucial to have a performance ping pong paddle that complements your skill and ambition. The Stiga Apex Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket embodies perfection for anyone looking to upgrade their gameplay.

Legacy of Excellence

Founded in 1944, STIGA is a beacon in the table tennis industry. Their commitment? To deliver table tennis bats exuding unmatched craftsmanship and performance. It’s not just about equipment but about a legacy – providing the best for everyone, from novice to advanced table tennis players. This is the STIGA promise.

Made for the Big Leagues

With the innovative racket ACS Technology, STIGA ensures that every power shot, spin, and slice is on point. Approved by the International Table Tennis Federation, the racket boasts speed, spinny serves, and unparalleled control—making it a top tournament-level paddle.

Tech at Its Finest

STIGA’s composite materials WRB Technology take things a notch higher. By lightening the table tennis blade, they ensure faster returns and powerful attacks while retaining that delicate touch that sets champions apart.

Feel and Finesse

The Stiga Apex isn’t just about power but also precision. Its lightweight 5-ply blade and the Concave Pro handle ensure every player feels in control with every move.

Performance Metrics

For those who love numbers, the Stiga Apex doesn’t disappoint. It boasts a speed rating of 65, a spin rating of 52, and an impressive control rating of 80.

5. AirBlades – Professional Ping Pong Paddle

best ping pong paddle
pong paddle

Ping pong enthusiasts, it’s time to meet your new best friend: the AirBlades – Professional Ping Pong Paddle. Let’s dive into what makes this paddle a game-changer.

Tailored for All Players

Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the world of table tennis or you’ve been playing for years, the AirBlades paddle caters to beginners, intermediates, and pros alike.

Ergonomic Design

The patented innovative Slopehandle ensures a comfortable, custom grip tailored to your hand’s shape, enhancing every serve, return, topspin, and smash.

Craftsmanship Matters

With its distinguishable two white lines on the handle, the 5 Star bat (AB-5000) boasts a five-layer wooden structure. Lightweight Ayous wood forms the three middle layers, flanked by Koto wood. This combination ensures a responsive racket ideal for a range of shots. A 2mm sponge and 1.6mm of high-end inverted rubber further augment control.

Travel in Style

Your paddle deserves the best protection. Each AirBlades paddle comes with a sleek, portable, water-resistant, hard carrying case, ensuring your table tennis gear remains pristine whether at home or on the

Trust in Quality

AirBlades is so confident in its product that it offers a long-lasting lifetime warranty on its craftsmanship. Not satisfied? A risk-free 100% satisfaction guarantee allows returns within 30 days for a full refund.

6. Custom Gambler Professional Table Tennis Paddle

best ping pong paddles
ping paddle

Table tennis experienced players know that the paddle makes all the difference. Whether you’re a professional player or an aspiring champion, your gear’s performance can be the edge you need. Enter the Custom Gambler Professional Table Tennis Paddle, a top-tier choice for those who refuse to compromise.

Size and Dimensions

Designed to be a one-size-fits-all, its dimensions are a comfortable 92″L x 92″W, perfect for that seamless grip and swift swing.

Brand Excellence

Crafted by Gambler, a leading brand in table tennis innovations, this paddle exudes quality and precision.


The blade boasts a blend of 5 ply Limba and Ayous, further enhanced with 2 layers of carbon. As for the rubber, it’s the ‘Gambler Sevens Soft,’ giving you that edge over your opponent. The included cover is also made of durable polyester, ensuring your paddle stays protected.

Unique Blade Construction

The Gambler ThermoPoly Carbon blade isn’t just any blade. Its 5 ply Limba and Kukui wood, combined with 2 layers of ThermoPoly Carbon, ensures speed and stabilization. Plus, the unique Red ThermoPoly Carbon provides that additional speed with a vast sweet spot, all thanks to the carbon kick.

Professional Quality

Tailored for professional players, the paddle also features ITTF/USATT-approved rubber. This rubber is perfect for national or international events, offering mildly aggressive tackiness that emphasizes attack. With ratings of Speed: 92, Control: 88, and Spin: 92, it’s built for performance.

Ready to Play

This paddle isn’t just about materials and ratings. It’s professionally glued, meaning you can replace the rubbers when worn out. Replacement rubbers are readily available. The paddle comes hand-assembled from Gambler’s USA pro shop, with one red rubber, one black rubber, and edge tape. And let’s not forget the included Gambler Competitor paddle cover!

7. Palio Expert 3.0 Table Tennis Racket

best ping pong paddles
best ping

Meet the Palio Expert 3.0 – the latest incarnation from the esteemed Expert Table Tennis brand. Here’s why this paddle deserves your attention:

Size & Fit

Tailored in a one-size-fits-all approach, this racket ensures everyone gets a comfortable grip.

Brand Reputation

You’re promised unmatched quality and expertise by carrying the Expert Table Tennis name.

Sport Type

Exclusively designed for table tennis, the paddle channels optimum performance for passionate players.

Skill Level

Specially crafted for beginners, it simplifies mastering basic techniques and strokes.

Material & Durability

Its wooden frame promises lasting durability, ensuring you’re game-ready anytime.

Age Recommendation

Ideal for adults, it aligns with the intricate nuances of adult gameplay.

Special Features

  • The 3.0 version is an evolved version of the widely-loved Palio Expert Table Tennis series.
  • With a wider edge tape, it promises that the rubbers stay securely in place.
  • The superior-quality case and redesigned blade offer enhanced protection and control, respectively.
  • Ratings? Speed at 6/10, Spin at a commendable 9/10, and Control at 10/10.
  • Furthermore, its ITTF-approved rubbers are not only competition-legal but also replaceable, boasting impressive speed and spin.


best ping pong paddles

Introducing the KARMA PADDLE (AUTO PILOT RUBBER), a meticulously crafted piece of art that promises precision, control, and unmatched performance. Let’s dive into its top-notch features:

Size & Dimensions

Designed with a grip size of 4 inches and product dimensions of 0.23″L x 0.23″W, the paddle is a perfect fit for an adult’s hand.


Crafted exclusively with wood, it brings authenticity to your game – be it the frame, shaft, or the main body.

Weight & Build

Weighing in at 182 grams, its perfect weight balance ensures swift movement and better control. Plus, it comprises 7 plies (5 Wood & 2 Carbon) and a thickness of 5.8mm.

The Blade’s Edge

This isn’t just any blade. It’s a blade known for its speed (40), phenomenal control (96), impressive touch (92), and remarkable consistency (90).

The Unique Rubber

Equipped with the Auto Pilot Rubber, it boasts a speed rating of 38, spin of 72, and outstanding control at 93. Not to mention, the medium-hardness sponge colored in striking red, styled with pips in (smooth), and weighing a mere 63 grams.

Special Mention

The pre-assembled blade and rubber combination has been tailored for players craving consistency, touch, and unmatched control in every swing.

9. Joy.J Sports 9-Plywood Table Tennis Paddle

best ping pong paddles
ping pong

If you’re passionate about table tennis, gear is essential. The right paddle can amplify your performance and redefine your gameplay. Introducing the Joy.J Sports 9-Plywood Table Tennis Paddle – a fusion of superior design and unmatched functionality.

At a Glance

  • Brand: JOY.J SPORT
  • Sport: Table Tennis
  • Materials: Premium Rubber (Frame) & Carbon Fiber (Shaft)
  • Weight: Light as a feather at 0.2 kilograms!
  • Age Suitability: Crafted especially for adult players.

Tailored for Upcoming Champions

Specifically engineered for beginner to intermediate players, this paddle boasts impressive ratings – Speed (87/100), Spin (87/100), and Control (80/100). It promises swifter strikes, impressive spins, and yet doesn’t compromise on control.

9-Plywood Blade Magic

Standing out from the common 5-ply paddles, its 9-plywood blade guarantees sturdiness. Whether you’re on the offense or defense, expect dynamic power.

Innovative Material Selection

Featuring a 0.8mm ITTF-approved premium rubber and complemented by a 2.2mm high-elastic sponge, this paddle ensures both superior grip and explosive speed.

Comfort-First Handle Design

The ergonomic FL (flared) handle ensures both power and comfort. Infused with layers of carbon, it combats sweat and promises an anti-slip experience.

Customer-Centric Approach

JOY.J SPORT backs its quality with a robust 24-hour email support system. Further sweetening the deal, there’s a 90-day money-back assurance, cementing their 100% satisfaction guarantee.

10. Thunderline 6 Star Premium Ping Pong Paddle

best ping pong paddles
best pong

The gear you select has a significant impact on your gameplay. If you’re on the lookout for a paddle that promises both excellence and innovation, then the Thunderline 6 Star Premium Ping Pong Paddle is your go-to choice.


  • Sport: Table Tennis
  • Material: High-Quality Rubber
  • Weight: A nimble 185 grams
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Age: Ideally for adults

Why is the Thunderline 6 Star Paddle a Must-Have?

All-Rounder Performance

This paddle isn’t just for newbies—it caters to both beginners and advanced players, making it an all-around gem.

ITTF Stamp of Approval

With its ITTF-approved rubber, you’re assured of a racket covering that meets the standards set by the International Table Tennis Federation.

Craftsmanship at its Best

The paddle boasts a 7-ply wood blade, a 2.0 sponge, and perfectly glued durable rubber. This combination ensures longevity and superior gameplay.

Impressive Stats

Looking for a killer spin? A speed that’s unmatched? Or control that puts you at the helm? With Spin at 90, Speed at 88, and Control at 94, this paddle checks all the boxes.

Level Up Your Skills

If you’re aiming to refine your table tennis techniques and climb the ranks, the Thunderline paddle will be your best ally. It’s meticulously crafted to elevate your game, and it promises to stand by you, match after match.

How to Choose a Beginner Ping Pong Paddle

How To Choose A Beginner Ping Pong Paddle

Less speed on a paddle with a good amount of spin and a lot of control is a good choice for beginners using a ping pong racket to improve their skill while they work their way towards more competitive levels.

Skill Level and Style

Depending on the skill level and type of player, there are different paddles that are suited to your needs. For beginners, it’s important to find a paddle with both speed and control. This will help you develop your skills faster, as well as improve your accuracy. On the other hand, intermediate players should opt for a paddle that offers more spin, while advanced players should look for one with more speed. Additionally, players with an offensive style will want a paddle with a flared handle, while defensive players should opt for a straight handle.

Types of Materials

The best ping pong paddles are generally made from layers of wood combined with rubbers such as cj8000 or tacky rubber. The rubbers can provide you with excellent control and spin on your shots, allowing you to control the game. On the other hand, paddles with an all-wood design are heavier and provide better power for aggressive players. There is a wide variety of rubbers available on the market so be sure to find one that suits your playing style.


Ping pong paddles for beginners are definitely not going to cost as much as professional paddles, and that’s a great thing for beginner players.

You will be able to find a decent paddle within almost any budget type.

Be sure to still make a budget for your new paddle and understand that you don’t need to go for the best paddle your favorite professional uses, just yet.

Blade Material

The paddle consists of blade and rubbers (and also a sponge in between) and knowing the material a blade is made from is important. Types Of Players.

Most of the blades are made from 6-plywood material which is decent at a beginner level.

However, other than material, make sure to check out the style of the paddle since they come in a few different shapes to provide a bit different type of grip.

Rubber Type

Other than the blade, paddle consists of rubber on both sides which are most of the time red and black.

In some professional paddles, you might find two different rubbers installed on a blade – but as a beginner, you’ll most of the time find blades with identical rubbers on both sides.

That isn’t bad at all and is ideal for beginners to find their playing style and improve their game while keeping the control of both main moves.


Some of the most known brands such as Butterfly work with professional players to develop their signature paddles such as Timo Boll line up of his signature paddles.

These paddles are ideal for beginners and even though you might not be able to get the exact same performance as the professional player – it’s going to provide a quality level for beginner players.


Most manufacturers will provide clear performance levels for their paddles which will be either on a scale up to 10 or 100.

The most important performance criteria will be displayed for speed, control, and spin.


In the dynamic world of table tennis, the equipment you choose, including the sponge layer of the paddle, can define your playing experience. Having explored the vast array of options available, from the ideal beginner paddle to those crafted for professionals, it’s evident that the best ping pong paddles aren’t just about aesthetics or price.

They represent a perfect blend of quality, performance, and durability. Selecting the right paddle can greatly influence your gameplay, enhance your techniques, and give you that much-needed edge over opponents.

As enthusiasts or professionals, investing time in finding the best ping pong paddles is essential to ensure that every serve, spin, and smash is executed with precision and confidence.


How do I choose a good ping pong paddle?

To choose a good ping pong paddle, you should consider the following factors:

Your playstyle: Are you an offensive or defensive player? Offensive players typically prefer paddles with a harder rubber and a thicker sponge, while defensive players prefer paddles with a softer rubber and a thinner sponge.
Your skill level: If you are a beginner, you may want to start with a paddle that is all-around, meaning that it offers a good balance of speed, spin, and control. As you improve your skills, you can experiment with different paddles to find one that best suits your playing style.
Your budget: Ping pong paddles can range in price from around $20 to $100 or more. It is important to set a budget before you start shopping so that you do not overspend.
Once you have considered these factors, you can start shopping for a ping pong paddle. It is a good idea to try out a few different paddles before you buy one, if possible. This will help you to find a paddle that feels comfortable in your hand and gives you the performance that you need.

Are hard or soft ping pong paddles better?

There is no one answer to this question as it depends on your playing style. Offensive players typically prefer hard paddles because they provide more speed and spin. Defensive players typically prefer soft paddles because they provide more control.

If you are a beginner, it is best to start with a paddle that is all-around. This will give you a chance to develop your skills and figure out what type of paddle you prefer. Once you have improved your skills, you can experiment with different paddles to find one that best suits your playing style.

Do expensive ping pong paddles make a difference?

More expensive ping pong paddles are typically made with higher quality materials and construction. This can result in a paddle that is more durable and has better performance. However, expensive ping pong paddles are not necessary for beginners or recreational players.

If you are serious about competitive table tennis, then you may want to invest in a more expensive paddle. However, if you are just starting out or playing for fun, then a less expensive paddle will be perfectly fine.

What ping pong paddles do Olympians use?

Olympian table tennis players use a variety of different paddles, but some of the most popular brands include:

These brands offer a wide range of paddles to choose from, so you can find one that suits your playing style and budget.

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