Bruce Lee Playing Ping Pong with Nunchucks – Is It Real?

Last Updated on June 11, 2024

I was scrolling on the internet and came across this Bruce Lee Nunchucks ping pong video.

Well people will say it wasn’t just another ping pong video because Bruce lee wasn’t playing in a normal way. He was definitely using the kung fu style to play and this got me to wonder, is this video real or fake?

Behind the Story of Bruce Lee Ping Pong Video

The Bruce Lee Nunchucks ping pong video is actually an advertisement by Nokia for their ‘’N96 Limited Edition Bruce Lee” mobile. JWT Shanghai produced this award-winning commercial video.

That’s why we understand what kind of tricks will stir up hot news among his fans. Of course, 2008 was Bruce Lee’s 30th anniversary also inspired us to launch a campaign to pay tributes to him.” – Polly Chu, chief creative officer, JWT Beijing.

Read the full interview here JWT Beijing and Shanghai – Agency.Asia

Did Bruce Lee Really Play Ping Pong with Nunchucks?

Bruce lee as we know was a famous martial artist, movie start.

In this ping pong video, he uses the nunchucks to match the skills of two table tennis experts winning every point. We all know that Bruce Lee was a talented stunt master and most of us would easily conclude the video was 100% real but before we conclude here are some facts about the video you need to know:

  • The ad was created for a limited-edition Bruce Lee cell phone in 2008 by Nokia
  • The ball was obviously added digitally unlike the ball in the table tennis scene in Forrest Gump
  • Now if the video was created in 2008 then how did Bruce Lee features in the ad. The real Bruce Lee died in 1973.

So, a lot of things didn’t really add up. The video was also made to look old and this would immediately convince some people.

There is another arguable fact that Bruce lee would have actually been able to achieve these. Well, I would be open to various possibilities but let us also know that as good as Bruce Lee was, he definitely couldn’t do everything.

As he also had doubles to achieve stunts in movies, even Jacky chang was one of his double at the early age of his career.

Bruce Lee With Nunchucks

Just as stated above, I am open to any possibilities based on the fact that Bruce lee was not ordinary man.

With the level of martial art, he has reached, one could easily say that he could easily achieved this stunt with his nunchucks. In his time, he had gained series of awards and recognition in the movies industry and also as a stuntman and martial artist.

So, with these it could be said that this would be a piece of cake for him. But the fact remains that the actual video in question was no were near or close to real as a lot of effects were said to have to added for entertainment purposes and also it was made as an advertisements video for Nokia.

Here is the video of bruce lee playing ping pong:

The video is only believed to be true by only people who watched it for the first time. Most people will not even know when it was shot. We all know he level at with visual effect has reached in this century.

But really it would have been nice to see Bruce lee square off with ping pong expert with his nunchucks and also one of the greatest fantasies is to see a ping pong showdown between Bruce Lee and Forrest Gump.

Wouldn’t that be so awesome?

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