Ping Pong Gear & Accessories

We at Ping Pong Experts know the needs and desires of our customers, which is why we craft our Ping Pong Gear & Table Tennis Accessories with expertise and deliver them with just as much care! Perhaps you are thinking about buying a new table tennis conversion top or, maybe you are just wanting to turn that old table you have into a ping pong victory stage with one of our table tennis conversion tops, we’ve got just what you need!

With our vast catalogue of products designed with your playing technique, body and experience in mind, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for, without the troubles of taking ages to find them! Make sure to read our ping pong tips & tricks to become a better player.

The Paddle

ping pong paddle

The ping pong paddle is your primary weapon on the table. Choosing the right paddle is crucial, as it can greatly influence your performance. Paddles come in various materials, with wood and carbon being the most common. Wood paddles offer a classic feel and versatility, while carbon paddles are known for their lightweight design and added speed. Selecting a paddle that suits your playing style and skill level is essential to upping your game.

Rubber: Spin and Control

The rubber on your paddle plays a crucial role in determining the spin and control of your shots. Inverted rubber is excellent for a balance of control and spin, making it ideal for players who rely on ball placement. On the other hand, pips-out rubber provides more speed and less spin, perfect for aggressive players who favor fast-paced rallies. Your choice of rubber can significantly impact your gameplay, so choose wisely.

Handles: Comfort and Control

The handle of your paddle might seem like a minor detail, but it’s important for a comfortable and effective grip. Handle styles vary, with the straight handle being the most common, offering a classic grip suitable for all players. The flared handle widens at the bottom, providing better control, while the anatomic handle is designed for comfort, fitting snugly in your hand. Finding the right handle style ensures you can play at your best.

Ping Pong Net

ping pong net

Some people might not have the need for a full-on ping pong table or, perhaps, the cost of a ping pong table is not on their budget right now, this is where ping pong nets come in!
With a ping pong table net, you are able to turn any table into the perfect ping pong field and, we have the best selection available for you.

Ping Pong Tables

When it comes to providing the battlefield for a ping pong session, we pride ourselves on having the best ping pong tables on the market. Made with premium materials, with a guarantee of sturdiness and quality, our ping pong tables are always able to surpass expectations and to create the perfect environment for a fantastic ping pong victory! Be sure to read our table tennis reviews for all of the best table tennis tables.

Additional Accessories: Completing Your Setup

To complete your ping pong setup, consider investing in other essential accessories. A quality ping pong table with the right surface and net tension is crucial for an authentic playing experience. Reliable ping pong balls and a sturdy net are also essential. Additionally, accessories like paddle cases for protection, ball holders for easy access, and even robot trainers for solo practice sessions can further enhance your gameplay.
Ping pong and table tennis have a lot of similarities, apart from some rules in between them, therefore, we also sell table tennis gear so you don’t confine yourself to just ping pong!
With a vast catalogue ranging from the best stiga table tennis  on the market, butterfly table tennis paddles, all the way to our fantastically sturdy table tennis conversion tops, you are sure to find exactly what you need in order to provide yourself with an easy to use, comfortable and effective play session that will always leave you wanting more!