Idoraz Table Tennis Paddle Review

Last Updated on March 26, 2024

Idoraz Table Tennis Paddle

Idoraz is a high-quality table tennis paddle. From its material to its ball spin, control and balance it is an outstanding paddle.

It is an ideal paddle to enhance your game skills.

Idoraz Table Tennis Paddle Review

With the ratio of speed 99, spin 93, and control 90, the Idoraz paddle is the best to have. This table tennis paddle is made of 5-plywood.

Along with that, it has a 2 mm sponge thick rubber that adds more value in its construction.


  • High-in quality
  • Reasonable price
  • Light in weight


  • Short handle
  • The annoying smell of the glue

Features and Benefits Of Idoraz Table Tennis Paddle

Idoraz table tennis paddle has all the features that make it an excellent paddle. The most prominent features are discussed here.

Quality Product

The Idoraz table tennis paddles are made of high quality. The material used in its manufacturing recommended by the ITTF. The blade is made of plywood that is 85 percent natural.

Also, the thin rubber size is according to international standards. Moreover, its handle is also a perfect contrast with the blade. This flare handle makes balance better for you.

Improve Your Game

Indoraz paddle helps you to boost your game with its high-quality thick rubber. The rubber is approved by the international standard ITTF.


The most important feature of any paddle is its control. And Idoraz table tennis paddles have that perfect control. With this racket, you can easily control the fast shots.

Its 2 mm rubber on the blade also helps you to control the ball. Overall, it is an outstanding peddle to play an accurate shot with proper control.

Specifically for the players who just start to play this game, it is a perfect choice. Because of this lightweight paddle, they can easily learn control.

Superb Balance

Serving Ping Pong Ball

The paddles provide you superb and ideal balance. Because in table tennis game spin and balance both go along.

Idoraz gives you an excellent spin that guarantees you an incredible balance.

Amazing Speed

For the players who love to play a fast game, Idoraz paddles are the best. Because of its lightweight, you can play a fast game.

Within minutes you can come in your tempo to hit the ball fast. Besides hitting the ball fast it offers you an ideal spin.

Master of Spin

If we call the Idoraz paddles the spin master it will not wrong. As it has a spin rating of 93. With its spin quality, you can enjoy the game for long hours.

Offensive Game

If you play the game on a professional level and want an offensive play go and grab this paddle.

Its speed, spin, and structure every feature support you to play an excellent offensive game. With this, you can put pressure on your opponent.

Cheap in the Price

Despite being great in quality and performance it is cheap. As compared to other paddles this table tennis paddles are less in price.

You can easily afford it. For buying a pair you don’t need to collect your pocket money for months.

Perfect for Everyone

Man Playing Table Tennis

When you read the classification of a table tennis paddle you see that few are best for professionals only. On the other hand, few are the best for the beginners only.

But when we talk about the Idoraz table tennis racket, it is the best for everyone.

It doesn’t matter at which stage of the game you are. It is a perfect and ideal paddle for all of you.


For new users, at first, it is a bit hard to use.

Because you need to set your technique on the paddle. After setting the technique it is fun to play the game with this paddle.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to grab this paddle. As it will not disappoint you in terms of its performance and price.

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