Palio Expert 3 Table Tennis Racket Review

Last Updated on March 26, 2024

For playing table tennis, the racket must be good as it impacts your game by hitting the ball in the perfect way.

In the market, you will find a large collection of tennis rackets, and you will get confused about which one you should buy.

Palio Expert 2 racket is one of best beginner rackets to play table tennis and Palio Expert 3 Table Tennis Racket is the third edition of this same famous series.

These rackets are specially designed for the new players. Since its launch in the year 2014, these table tennis rackets gain the player’s attention worldwide.

Palio Expert 3 Table Tennis Racket Review

Palio Expert 3.0 Table Tennis Racket & Case



Palio Expert 3 table tennis racket is especially for the beginners. It has various features that make it better than the previous Palio Expert rackets.

It gives you a proper grip and designed to help you in becoming the champion of the game.


The Palio Expert 3 racket is redesign and different from the previous rackets.

It has a wider edge that protects the rubber and has a better blade that helps you to control the ball and your hit.

The redesigned handle of this racket also helps the players in maximum control on the ball that improves that accuracy to hit more balls in a minute.


Palio Expert 3 Handle

A durable racket with better handle, the redesigned blade that is broad, Palio Expert 3 has all the qualities that increase its lifetime.

The broad structure of the racket keeps the rubber secure and also allows you to replace it whenever you want to change it.


The rubber used on its surface is ITTF approved. This Palio CJ8000 is a good quality rubber and you can replace it whenever you want. This rubber also helps you to produce high levels of spin.


With this racket, you can create a high amount of spin. It is exceptional in terms of spin.

For the beginners or for the players who want to improve their spinning or want to add the spin in their game, it is an ideal bat.

As you can spin the ball without putting much force or power.


For the new players playing various strokes is difficult, and not only playing is difficult to understand those strokes are also hard for them.

Palio Expert 3 helps them a lot in this regard. They can play strokes with this racket with ease.

Basic Techniques

Playing Table Tennis

Learning the basics of every new thing is always very important and crucial. If the basic learning technique is good, then you can achieve high goals as your base is strong.

Similarly is the case in learning table tennis. And this learning task becomes easy with the help of these table tennis rackets.

With these rackets, you learn to serve the ball, hit the ball, spin the ball, and block the ball.


The perfectly designed blade and handle of the Pailo Expert 3 table tennis rackets help you to hit the ball with high speed.

But as it is for the beginners or intermediate players, its speed is a bit slow as compared to other rackets.

The reason for its a bit slow speed is to help the players to learn the control on the ball and to hit it back with accuracy.


  • Durable
  • Effective for new learners
  • High-quality rubber
  • Perfect for spinning
  • Wide edge


  • Not for professional players
  • Speed is a bit slowly


Palio Expert 3 table tennis racket is the suitable for the beginners and It must be your first choice if you are interested in making your game better or in overcoming your weakness in the game.

Its redesigned structure is specifically designed to learn all the basic techniques of learning.

Spinning is the best thing you can do with these rackets; it can be topspin and backspin from long and short both distances.

Just buy it, use this racket for a long time and enjoy your game.

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