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Personalized Ping Pong Paddle Review

Last Updated on March 25, 2024

Your table tennis performance, style and level depend greatly on the paddle. Picking a high-grade model is a must if you want the paddle to match perfectly with your type of playing and level. Many manufacturers come with numerous products leading to confusion about which one to choose.

But this is why we are here, to help you get the best product of all. Pro table tennis players generally prefer using customized table tennis paddles. It’s because they allow the player to become better and flourish with success.

So, today we will review one of the best-personalized table tennis rackets, Infusion Custom Photo or Logo Ping Pong Paddle. It will promote your level and help you win more matches. Before we go to the review directly, let’s know some facts about customized ping pong paddles. So, let’s get down to the business of exploring the item.

How Much Does a Personalized Ping Pong Paddle Cost?

Professional players use a personalized ping pong paddle. Most competitive players prefer custom ping pong rackets because a customized table tennis racket is different from normal ones.

While normal paddles (beginner level rackets) have wooden blades and sponge layers purchased together, professional-level personalized racket parts are bought separately and attached using glue to obtain specific characteristics.

Also, you can’t change a usual ping pong racket, but you can bring changes to a customized one by changing your image or logo on the paddle. Normal paddles are available from $10-$35, while a personalized paddle costs $100-$500 depending on the customization.

Ordering Tips

Before you go and straight order a custom ping pong paddle for you, keep these tips below in your mind. Follow these tips to get a relaxing paddle because if the paddle isn’t comfortable to use, you can never focus on the game.

  • Depending on your grip style, pick the paddle handle to support your gaming to the full.
  • Consider taking a smaller size paddle if the room size is not big enough.
  • Consider the product that gives you the complete freedom to decorate it.
  • Select the paddle that feels enough light on your hand.
  • The table tennis paddle should be kept easily in a secured place.

Infusion Customized Ping Pong Paddle

#1 Strength: Provides an excellent high quality print of the image
#1 Weakness: The paddles are not suitable for professional play

Product Specs:

  • Brand: Infusion
  • Sport Type: Table Tennis
  • Material: Wood
  • Size: 1 Paddle

Product Features:

  • Allows you to customize your paddle by uploading your photo or logo.
  • Customizes the paddle instantly after clicking the button “Customize Now.”
  • The personalized image or logo is printed with high-quality.

Detailed Review

The Infusion custom photo or logo ping pong paddle has an average blade, but the blade quality is outstanding for both violent shots (forehand and backhand). The paddle is controlled nicely and the speed is modest. The customized image on the item and its high-end build can give a premium feel.

However, the product has some downsides as well, since the paddle is a little thicker than usual paddles, for which it feels quite heavy sometimes. The best part of the product is it uploads crystal clear and bright images. Also, you can upload them by clicking on the option “Customize Now” once; it’s that easy.

The blade has remarkable similarities with the Infusion custom colorful design ping pong paddle since their blade composition and customization functions are the same. It’s a perfect item for kids and youths who wish to have a personalized ping pong paddle.

Preparing for Delivery

The most important thing you should do to ensure you deliver the right product is double-checking item factors. If you mistake ordering the right color size by any chance, you will get the wrong delivery.

Another necessary thing to do when the item has arrived at your place is unpacked it right away and ensure you’ve got the product of the correct size, material, and color. If you find everything exactly as you were promised, then it’s excellent news.

But if unfortunately, you pick the wrong item, you can demand a replacement through Amazon’s “Your Orders” option.

Pros and Cons


  • Great feeling
  • Good for smashing
  • Clear photo or logo
  • Image or logo looks bright
  • Perfect size
  • High-grade construction
  • Direct imprint
  • Ideal for presenting kids and youths


  • It feels a little heavy
  • You can’t grab the ball well

How It Compares

Unlike many personalized table tennis paddles, the Infusion custom photo or logo ping pong paddle offers you to add your customer picture or logo to the paddle. It lets you change the logo or image effortlessly. However, you can’t change its size or parts of the body. It’s super simple to carry and play with.

Alternative Products:

1. Infusion Custom Colorful Design Ping Pong Paddle: This custom paddle is a great alternative for infusion custom photo or logo paddle. But it will make you spend more money and will not provide you with the excellent feature of uploading pictures.

What Are Personalized Ping Pong Paddles for?

Some may like how unique a personalized ping pong paddle is, but they don’t understand why they should buy it or how these are used? One can play table tennis with it, but it will not serve you like a ping pong paddle for professionals.

For this reason, most of our clients purchase this item not to practice table tennis but to present it as a gift to their friends, family members, office colleagues on their birthdays or some special occasions. It can also be used for marketing and promoting a brand.


Do Ping Pong Paddles Make a Difference?

Generally, some ping pong paddles that come with two different colors on both sides can provide various advantages. For example, a table tennis paddle with black color on one side and red on the other will allow less spin (black color one) than the other side (red color) inversely.

Which Table Tennis Bat Is the Best?

This basically depends on the type of your play. If you’re a beginner, then bats like KILLERSPIN would be appropriate for you. If you’re a professional, look for ping pong paddles from Butterfly or Stiga Pro. If you want to learn more about table tennis paddle categories and purposes, check this page- “Ping Pong Paddle Guide”.

However, If you want to play table tennis to enjoy the game or give someone a paddle, a custom table tennis bat is the best option.

Is an Expensive Ping Pong Paddle Worth It?

Getting an expensive ping pong racket is worth it. It’s because pricey bats are made of premium quality materials, it also feels so light when holding, and it has a nice grab to the balls, too, so it can help improve the overall performance. Players who want to become serious and expert table tennis players should always get premium quality expensive ping pong paddles.

Final Words

Customized table tennis paddles are not only a nice option for enjoying the game but also for gifting your close ones. If you are looking for an interesting and useful but unique thing to give your kid or your niece on their birthdays, this should make them happy since they can see their pictures over it. Also, it will do a great job at promoting your brand if you have one.

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