STIGA Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket Review

STIGA Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket Review

Last Updated on July 7, 2024

STIGA is a well-known brand among table tennis players. It’s a global company with partners in over 100 countries, and it has been a leader in the sport of table tennis for over 60 years. In my predictions, it’s going to stay at the top of the table tennis world for many more years. If you are unsure which paddle to choose, my first advice would be to rely on the brand with this article focusing on the STIGA Pro Carbon ping pong paddle.

Popular brand paddles, like the STIGA Pro Carbon, are a popular choice worldwide, symbolizing their widespread acceptance and trust. This means the perfect paddle has already been tested and trusted by countless intermediate players even before you consider making a purchase.

Why The Best Racket?

The well-known brand STIGA makes a lightweight, shakehand-style table tennis racket for intermediate and advanced players, the Pro Carbon. Why is STIGA Pro Carbon popular? This is due to its unusual power and plenty of spins.

Aggressive players rule table tennis today. They enjoy speeding up and spinning their strokes. Table tennis fans enjoy this racket‘s high-speed generation, making it the world’s best-selling paddle.

Features of STIGA Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket

STIGA Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket

Carbon Tech

Two high-performance carbon layers are integrated inside the blade. This improves rigidity and response, which gives professional players increased speed and extreme power.


As the paddle ages, its rubber surface collects dust and loses tackiness. To prolong paddle life, clean the rubber top sheet often.

Replacement premium rubbers are a benefit of the STIGA Pro Carbon. Replace worn-out rubbers with high-quality blade use.

Nano Composite Technology

Nano composite technology is a big step for STIGA. They use it for tighter and stronger bonds in rubber to improve and increase decent spin and speed, especially enhancing the capability for a heavy spin.


ACS is a next-level technology where numerous microscopic air capsules are implemented in ultra-light rubber.

The process is done mainly to achieve higher speeds in combination with maximum elasticity and outstanding control.

Crystal Technology

Crystal technology can be seen a lot in STIGA’s paddle lineup.STIGA has started processing the surface of their blades.

They harden the surface of the paddle to give it the speed ability, without making it too heavy.

Weight Balance


Now, when you know what crystal technology is all about, it’s common sense to understand that the weight balance is optimized even better.

The balance of the blade is shifted to the point of contact with the ball to provide the needed speed while offering full control of the ball.

Rate of Recovery

Every player has a rate of recovery. It’s the time it takes to recover your paddle after moving to the starting position.The faster you are ready to make another move, the more speed will trouble your opponents.

Ball Sensitivity

STIGA Pro Carbon Table Tennis paddle with a comfortable handle provides extra sensitivity once you come in contact with the ball. It provides more precise offensive shots and gives you better yet more comfortable, decent control over the game.

Balsa Technology

STIGA’s main goal is to make a light ping-pong paddle that can provide a lot of speed while providing a lot of comfort and precision.

They can achieve that by the ultra-light-weight balsa wood center-ply technology. It increases the speed and reaction time.

ITTF Approved Rubber

stiga pro carbon

ITTF stands for the International Table Tennis Federation, and if you want to compete with your paddle in various competitions – the best idea would be to get paddle which has ITTF approved rubber such as STIGA Pro Carbon.

Almost all STIGA paddles have ITTF-approved rubber, which is great for intermediate or more competitive players who compete a lot.

It helps them not to worry about their quality paddle, yet leaves them with more time to prepare for their game.

The STIGA Pro Carbon paddle is made of rubber ITTF-approved 2.0 mm STIGA S5 inverted rubbers. The Nano Composite Technology in the top sheet tightens molecular bonding, making rubber harder.

In addition, ACS technology induces microscopic air bubbles inside the sponge thickness, increasing rubber elasticity.


Performance ratings (Speed: 99, Spin: 100, Control: 80)
High-end technology combined with quality materials
ITTF Approved Paddle
Affordable Price
Professional Performance Level


Might be hard to control for beginners
Packaging isn’t the best


The STIGA Pro Carbon Ping Pong racket is the perfect racket for tournament play. It’s made using amazing carbon technology, integrating layers of carbon for enhanced durability and tighter bonds in its construction. It’s crafted to meet the needs of intermediate and advanced table tennis players and propel them to achieve even more.

In my opinion, it’s a perfect option for recreational players and players of various skill levels who are already competing or thinking of starting to compete.Such a lightweight paddle with weight balance and ball sensitivity features is perfectly made for skilled players to do even better in their competitions.

It’s also ITTF approved, which makes it completely safe to use in various tournaments.The price is also a great benefit. It’s really reasonable and affordable, even maybe underpriced for everything this paddle offers.

However, that’s even better for ping pong players, even those on a tight budget. Make sure to purchase the paddle before it’s out of stock because it’s flying off the shelves.


Is STIGA Pro Carbon ITTF approved?
Yes, the STIGA Pro Carbon table tennis racket is ITTF-approved and has advanced rubber, making it suitable for tournament play.

How many stars is the STIGA Pro Carbon?
The STIGA Pro Carbon is typically rated as a 7-star racket, which signifies its exceptional performance and quality build tailored for competitive and advanced players.

Is Stiga a good brand?
Yes, Stiga is a reputable brand in the world of table tennis. With a rich history and commitment to quality, Stiga has consistently produced equipment that is trusted by both recreational players and professionals alike.

How heavy is STIGA Pro Carbon?
The STIGA Pro Carbon is designed to be lightweight for swift play, but the exact weight can vary slightly between models. Generally, it is around 170-190 grams.

What rubber is on STIGA Pro Carbon?
The STIGA Pro Carbon is equipped with inverted S5 rubber, which offers an excellent balance of speed with different terms of spin, enhancing the paddle’s performance dynamics.

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