Teqpong Innovative Racket Sport Played On Teqball Table

Teqpong – Innovative Racket Sport Played on Teqball Table

Last Updated on March 27, 2024

We all pretty much know about regular ping pong or table tennis sports.

And many of us have also played this engaging game as well. But have you ever heard about the Teqsports?

Well, it’s not shocking if most of you are shaking. Relax, and don’t worry. Teqsports is a combination of five different sports that can be played using the same equipment almost.

One of the sports game in Teqsports is Teqpong. This sport is quite similar to the usual ping pong game.

Through this article, you are going to learn about the Teqpong game in detail.

The Teqball Table and Its Multiple Uses

Just as you need a ping pong table to enjoy and play ping pong game. Similarly, you also need a table called as the ‘Teqball Table’ to play teqpong.

The design, structure as well as the purpose of this table is not even close to the regular ping pong table. A teqball table can be used to practice and play five different sports.

Though it’s a bit difficult to accept yes, you can practice 5 different games on the teqball table (board), including the Teqball (football), Teqis , Teqpong, Qatch, and Teqvoly.

Design, Structure, and Other Features

Teqball table

The teqball table has a curved designed which is very carefully designed according to the requirements of the five sports, including teqpong and teqball.

It creates a perfect ball bounce. Not only the ball bounces perfectly on this bent-board, but the player gets varied bounces.

The board is using advanced technology and superior quality material.

Plus, a protective coating is used on the board/table that makes this table perfect for both indoor and outdoor games.

But this not all it offers. The table comes with a solid net that allows a greate ball bounce.

Despite the curved structure, the teqball table is stable, durable, and aligned with the rules of each individual game.

Types Of Teqball Table

There are two variations of the teqball table, including the Teqball One Table and Teqball Smart Table.

Teq One Table

Teqball One is no ordinary table. It took nearly two years of thorough research and testing to reach out to the final design.

Whether you want to master your skills or challenge your opponent, this table can be used for both purposes.


  • Waterproof and UV resistant making it perfect for both outdoor and indoor use.
  • Easy to assemble and setup.

Teq Smart Table

The teqball smart is the advanced version of the teqball one. It has some additional innovative features. But the structure and design of this table are similar to the previous one.

The prominent feature of this table is that it’s Foldable. You can easily fold one end of the table that will not only save the space but also allows the solo practice.


  • UV resistant and waterproof.
  • Easy to assemble.

[Update – Teqball has recently added another table ”Teq Lite” to their list ]

Teqball Table and Teqball

Teqball is a combination of table tennis and football. This sport uses a table and a net-like table tennis equipment while the ball resembles football.

The players have to hit the ball using any part of their body except hands.

The curve structure of the table and the solid net is the perfect combination to offer higher ball bounce, which makes the match competitive and exciting.

Teqpong – Rules and Game Methods

teqpong competition

Teqpong is just like table tennis, except here you use a curved table.

This racket game requires higher concentration and more focus than a regular table tennis match. In order to win the game, the player has to score 8 points.

Each player has 15 strokes after the ball is served. It means if the player fails to scores in 15 strokes, the opponent will be awarded a point.

The server has only one chance to help the ball, and to do so, he/she must serve the ball in an upward direction. Further, if the racket is not directed upward, the server got no point.

In addition to the general rules, 3 additional rules have been added to the teqpong game, which differs from table tennis. These include,

  • A double point,
  • A one-bounce serve, and
  • An opportunity to volley the ball again in case it bounces back from the net.

Why Don’t You Get Started?

Teqsports are entertaining, enthusiastic, and competitive sports.

Moreover, the teqball table is an innovative addition in the sports world.

Not only the table adds value to the Gameroom, but it brings the best out of the players.

Because with such equipment, the player needs less luck and more concentration, focus, and skills to knock out their opponents!

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Ashton Brown
Ashton Brown spent a lot of time in after school programs as a child. In a local community-run recreation center in Boston, they had a ping pong table, and since then he has always played. He had a ping pong table in his college dorm, and a mini one in his office for giggles. After playing for years, Ashton wants to show you how to get started with ping pong, learn the tricks of the trade, and equip yourself with everything you need to be better at the game.

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    Great article. I’m myself a teqball and teqpong player and I can confirm that this sport is great. As soon as You get involve, you become addicted. You can also improve the technique and focus with this new sport.
    Regarding the table Teqball smart is definitely the best as you can fold, but there is alone a play alone mode. The wheels help to move it easily.

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